HOSTS- Jeremy Burns, Matthew Scott Phillips


TYPE- Special Topics




BUMPER MUSIC- "Beyond" (Badrinarayan Rammohan), "Satellite" (Keith Andrews)


Once more, our listeners have bared their souls and shared their own original music. Let us listen! This episode will feature the original music of:

Badrinarayan Rammohan, Eamon Kelly, Jerome Chapman, Sharli Azulai and

Keith Andrews.

BADRINARAYAN RAMMOHAN "Beyond" Badrinaraynan Rammohan- bass, keyboards Sriradha - vocals, harmonies Aadarsh - guitar Vinay - drums This, our opening track, features some amazing musicianship and production value! “The verses are from the POV of the man who's half mad trying to undo his past. Hence the disjointed phrases and incomplete sentences. The 'bridge' sections are where he hears voices in his head (thanks to the insanity) telling him what he wants can never happen. You also hear some whispering in the background during the 'bridge' sections which is actually reversed audio of me and the singer talking about why he needs to move on. The 'chorus' is actually the guitar solo in the end, where he finally decides to move on" -Badri This piece features 3 main sections: Verse: Em - C#º - C We determined this to be i (Em) moving to VI (Cmaj) with a common tone diminished chord (C#º) tying them together. The common tones, E and G, remain throughout all 3 chords. Bridge (part with the whispering): C#º - C - C#º - C - C#º - C - Gb - F Badri continues his pattern of stepping down by half step. Ending (guitar solo): D - Bb - A Continuing said pattern, these chords provide a Phrygian half cadence in the key of D major. LYRICS Verse 1: Dreams of a past life, Shadows come alive. Beyond the oasis, Shattered hour glass. Bridge: You are bound to live, Time isn't your affair. Verse 2: Fraught with desire, To counter the ticking clock. Displeased, I asked him, To undo what he's done. Bridge: You are bound to live, Time isn't your affair.

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Eamon Kelly- composer, executed via MIDI instruments


Eamon takes us through many moods while maintaining just one accidental in the key signature. Can you tell what keys/modes he's exploring?


"I ended up writing the piano first, then added the strings (cello, viola, and violin) after.  The middle section is an attempt at 4-part counterpoint...I also tried to use modes to explore color a bit, with the middle section being G major/E minor and then G mixolydian before heading into the main theme again; as well as the phrygrian-based ending.  In general, I went for a more major based beginning into a minor finish (hence the title 'Downfall,' with the modulation to E minor using the same general theme after it appears a second time." -Eamon


"Wedding Song"

Jerome Chapman- acoustic guitar


Jerome wrote this composition for my wedding day. He actually became a pastor so he could wed Heather and I. And when we finished our vows, he picked the guitar and played this work of art as we walked back up the aisle.


“For wedding song I wanted something that was a mix between something kind of folk Irish and some thing kind of blue grass, so I tuned my guitar to banjo tuning and started playing around with that and ended up with something amazing that really suited the musical tastes of both Heather and Jeremy.I was inspired to write something for them that they would both enjoy” -Jerome

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"Wedding Song"


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"Dark Side of the Wood"

Sharli Azulai- composer, executed via MIDI instruments


This dynamic piece captures your imagination and then sets it soaring! Listen for the production value and the instrument sounds, especially that percussion. It would be the perfect backdrop for an action movie trailer!


“Dark Side Of The Wood was really inspired by Danny Elfman, Hans Zimmer and a few more. This is probably one of my more favorite pieces of music as I do feel like there's a good flow of story that evolves musically almost naturally, yet at the same time it does present different type of emotions..(regarding instruments) I work with a lot of different libraries and I try to mix them up as much as possible, above that I always try and use the different features each library provides, especially when it comes to automation which I use a lot (and actually the main reason I dropped Cubase for Studio One a few years back). So no live orchestration at all. Unfortunately I can only play guitar and even that's quarter descent but I do record that once in a while." -Sharli


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Keith Andrews- guitar, ukulele, vocals

Billy Herzig- guitar, bass, synth strings


Keith is an accomplished songwriter! His melodies and chord progressions compliment his lyrics. We love his singing voice, his writing style and his ability to come up with a good hook!


 "The whole tune was kind of built around the uke. When I did my initial recording of it I had the uke mixed about evenly with the guitar. Billy pulled it to the forefront this time around. I think it works better." -Keith




It’s all good

It’s fine tonight

On this artificial satellite

Sitting here, looking down

A thousand miles above the ground

On this satellite


All the cities look the same from here

On the outer layer of the atmosphere

Could be London, could be Tokyo

Or Sao Palo for all I know

On this Satellite


Round and round and round I go

Stars above, clouds below

All the world passing by

My little white light in the sky


Passing over land and sea

Losing any sense of geography

Seeing only shades and hues

Of browns and greens and whites and blues

On this satellite


I’ve got the moon, I’ve got the stars

I’ve got Jupiter and I’ve got Mars

They come around once an hour or two

From this interplanetary point of view

On this satellite


Round and round and round I go

Stars above, clouds below

All the world passing by

My little white light in the sky


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