HOST- Jeremy Burns, Matthew Scott Phillips

GENRE- Special Topics

DURATION- 107:33

BUMPER MUSIC- "Bethany " (Fred Lancia ), "Unhinged" (The Monte Rey)



It is time for our 7th Listener Compositions episode. Let's enjoy the talents of our listeners! This episode will feature the original music of:

Fred Lancia, Mark Christie, Evan Bjork,
Tom Richardson, Nikita Menkov and
Devin Montes


Written by Fred Lancia
Recorded and produced by the artists of Pearl Snap Studios (Nashville, TN)

Fred Lancia gave himself the challenge of being a song writer. And he accepted!
Fred wrote the song, "Bethany", over the course of a few years. Not being able to sing or play very well has not hindered his creativity.
Instead, he would send chords, melody and his own recorded demo to some Nashville studios who would then polish and produce it.
The cleverly written lyrics uses metaphores of the impossible to compare to the chances of regaining a love lost:

She says she wants to take a break.
She needs some time to be alone.
To do some work. Then see her mom.
To clear her mind, to clear her plate.
She’ll be a couple of weeks at most.
A couple of weeks at most.

The earth is flat. Mermaids swim in the sea.
Elvis lives. Bigfoot's behind that tree.
And Bethany is comin’ back to me.

I hear she has a few new friends.
They meet for drinks at Jimmy’s Place.
There’s nothin’ for me to worry about.
It’s just a phase, this phase will end.
We’re all good, we’ll be okay.
All good, we’ll be okay.

The earth is flat. Mermaids swim in the sea.
Elvis lives. Bigfoot's behind that tree.
And Bethany is comin’ back to me.

Bethany (x4)

The earth is flat. Mermaids swim in the sea.
Elvis lives. Bigfoot's behind that tree.
And Bethany is comin’ back to me.

Refer to the opening bumper track of this episode.

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"Organic Music"
Mark Christie- organ via MIDI

Mark is a math and computing science teacher at a high school in Dumfermline, Scotland in his mid thirties. He says that while he loves tech, he’d probably would’ve enjoyed teaching music. He began this piece during COVID as a musical sketch, covering 7th chords. Since the lockdown, it has organically evolved (hence the name) to what we are hearing today. Being a Dungeons and Dragons fan, he was inspired to create a vibe where he could see an evil vampire plotting the demise of the other players. This full and powerful organ piece changes keys and meters over time. But there is a reoccuring theme (1 - 5 - b6 - 4) in minor that serves as a ritornello to provide familiarity over the piece. At times, Mark establishes a pulsing rhythm with the lower left hand harmonies that has a trancing effect.


"The End"
Evan Bjork- keys, synth

Evan is a young composer out of Minnesota. He began writing at an early age, working with FL studio. He is now taking music in a more professional direction. This piece, "The End", was inspired by Enigma's "Callas Went Away". The piece opens with a rainscape that slowly fades in. The first theme is i - v (Am to Em). This is followed by a theme in Am, which is followed by a i - VII - VI theme in the same key. While on the surface this piece seems fairly minimalist, take some time to really appreciate all of the subtle themes and melodies that occur beneath the surface. Also, notice the nostolgic detuned 80's synth sounds, the excellent piano solo and the stab lead solo that follows.


Tom Richardson- score, performance via MIDI

Tom hails from Plymouth, England. Now in his early 40's he has been composing music for about 25 years. He enjoys composing and performing for local films and silent film showings. Coming from a punk rock background, he has decided to get more into orchestral composition and "Polyamateur" is his debut! As the name implies, this piece was Tom's "attempt to get creative with the idea of polymeters in a melodic sense". What we will be listening to will be movement 2 out of 2 (beginning on m.139). It begins with a ticking pizzacato violin that is soon joined by oboe, flute and Bb clarinet offering counter melodies that come from different directions, as panned to do so. The pizzacato comes in and out of the piece to maintain a certain energy level. Tom credits Phillip Glass for this minimalist style. Check it out!


"Waltz For Broken Toys"
Nikita Menkov- composer
Ugo Chapelin- piano

Nikita is a composer out of Estonia. In his mid 20's, he has been composing for about 12 years. While proficient at vocals, guitar and drums, he aspires to get to know the piano a bit better. This piece, inspired by some of his favorite impressionist composers, is number 2 of a 3 piece cycle. Nikita says, "music is about is stepping out of the place of comfort, going into the unknown and how it only seems like you have a choice while actually it's an unavoidable force that you can try to protest against (which is quite painful and pointless) or you can accept it and embrace it". His use of subtle dissonances and non matching elements greatly contributes to this notion!

Hear the piece:
"Waltz For Broken Toys"
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Devin Montes- vocals, guitar
Eduardo Reyes- bass, keys, drums

Devin began a self taught musician. At age 27, back in 2019, he began learning to read music and taking an interest in theory. Today, he is soon to receive a BA in film composition at Berkeley Online. Devin Montes and his long time friend Eduardo Reyes have a project they call “The Monte Rey”. Together, they have produced this piece "Unhinged". The chords are simply i - v in Am (Am to Em). Enjoy Devin's smooth vocals and psychedilc guitar over Eduardo's mellow grooves!

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