HOSTS- Jeremy Burns, Matthew Scott Phillips


TYPE- Special Topics


DURATION- 102:56


BUMPER MUSIC- "C.A.S" (Michael Chapman), "Don't Fear The Dead, Fear the Living Instead" (Stefan Jacques))


It is time for us to give a listener to another round of fantastic listener compositions!

They work hard, that we may listen hard! So let's listen!

This episode will feature the original music of:

Michael Chapman, Pasi Pasiaala, Dane Howard,

Melody Brook Gibson, Adam House and Stefan Jacques


"C.A.S. (Covid Ain't S**t)"

Michael Chapman- beats, lyrics, vocals

Krysten "K-Ritty" - hype woman


Michael teaches a seventh grade music class. The focus for this group is hip hop! He wanted to show them what could be done with a tablet device. With the help of his partner, Krysten, he created this "Covid dis track" to inspire and entertain the class! This piece is mainly in Fm, with a C in the bass, and was created entirely within Garage Band!





What up BGC?

It’s your girl K-Ritty.

Check out this new boom-bap from tha M-Chaps



Remember way back in 2 thousand 19

We were innocent and we were living in a dream

And 2020 came and suddenly it seems that

everything we don’t need now became reality

I’m looking at the world and hatin what I see

I’m looking round and there’s no social distancing

I’m looking up and hopin for some policy, instead

I’m looking up and all I wanna do is scream, because its

This situation got me with a sore oesophagus

But not because of what you think, not your hypothesis

I’m sick of wilful ignorance and the incompetence

Gathering without a thought to what may be the consequence

A fascinating field for future anthropologists

Looking back at what went wrong with ancient hominids

To them I bet we look as simple as a nautilus

Too divided to decide a flawless metamorphosis

It’s a monotonous apocalypse in this metropolis there is no stopping this

Populace homogeneous anomalous incompetence crossing lots of continents

Idolatrous monuments to tautologous apologists

Social network synonymous with idiotic dominance

You’ll never be as cool as when you lay in the necropolis

You know it’s true when they say if you want some prominence

You gotta break a couple eggs to make some om-ah-lets

So every single one of you who do the things you do

Like nothings changed cos you don’t care what others are goin through

Imagine this was something that was inescapable

Would you change your ways would you change your attitude?

So obscene to see the scenes a simple selfish few

Hoardin everything as if they need it more than you

Justify it with some properly poor excuse

Punch a pensioner and tell yourself you had to do it


Hear the song:



Hear more from Michael:


Sound Cloud


"Desparate House FIve"

Pasi Pasialla- guitar, sequenced bass and drums

Pertti Lamberg- saxophone


Pasi wanted to experiment with odd time signatures. So he landed on 5/4 for this pleasing little number! A play on words from a famous reality show, this number has a pleasant hook on the saxophone that will stay in your head! Within all of these changes and chromaticism, we determined this to be in Am, moving to C major (the relative major) in the change up. We get a sense of nostalgia from the television theme music of the early 80's. How does it make you feel?

Hear the song:

"Desperate House Five"


Hear more from Pasi:



"Love, Gratitude and Deep Sleep"

Dane Howard- synth, piano


At the time of this recording, Dane had not been playing music for more than a year or so. Yet he has found a way to mesh music with meditation, two of his passions! This piece is quite meditative indeed. One of his many "sleep tracks", "Love, Gratitude and Deep Sleep" meanders back and forth from D to G and focuses on a three note motiff that varies as the piece matures. The relaxing pads take you away. The droning tones keep you centered. The pianos, lushly colored in delay and reverb, keeps you interested!

Hear the song:

"Love, Gratitude and Deep Sleep (full version)"


Hear more from Dane:

Insight Timer


"Ashes To Ashes"

Melody Brook Gibson- piano, synth


Melody wrote this piece as a comfort for a friend of hers who was going through a difficult time. This progression repeats 3 times:


C - Em - C - Em - C - Am - F - Fm

I  -  iii  -  I  -  iii  -  I  -  vi  -  IV  -  iv


This piece begins very sparsely and continues to swell with tremelo strings and piano embellishment.

The sparkly piano parts represent ashes drifting away to nothing. Notice the emotional effect of the IV moving to iv and resolving to I.

Hear the song:

"Ashes To Ashes"


Hear more from Melody:

Sound Cloud

ADAM HOUSE "Sabotage" Adam House- bass, guitar, synth Adam wrote this piece as part of an assignment! In this scenario, a group of hackers attempt to break through the company firewall. How does it end?! You must listen. Adam uses movement of 3rds to demonstrate uncertainty (Ebm - Gm). Later on we have a bit more resolve with the movement of 4ths (Abm - Ebm). The atmosphere is enhanced with dynamic drum breakdowns, glitchy sounds and thing layers. You will also notice a repetition of a theme involving scale degrees 1 - b7 - 1. STEFAN JACQUES

"Don't Fear The Dead. Fear The Living Instead"


Stefan Jaques- guitar, vocals


Stefan constructed this sullen public service announcement over the course of a year. The music came first and the lyrics followed. The "dark and brooding sound" is accomplished thanks to many minor and diminished chords. There are also some very tense moments that only chords like the C# add 11 (b9) can provide. Take head and enjoy!




4/4 G(b5) | Gdim | G(b5) |2/4 Gdim |

3/4 ‘diminished riff’ |



4/4 ||: Em | F#7/E | Em | F#7/E |



Bm Bm/D | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) |

Bm | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) |

Bm | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) |

C/G | Cm/G :||



Gm | Gdim7 | Fm | Cm |

F#dim7 | F#dim7 |

Em | F#7/E | Em | F#7/E |



Bm Bm/D | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) |

Bm | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) |

Bm | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) |


Vocal solo

Bm | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) | repeat as many times as necessary



Bm | Bm / Bm/D C#11(b9) |

2/4 ‘diminished riff’ |

Bm(add#4) |




Don’t Fear the Dead, Fear the Living Instead


How very much have you to learn, my dear

Grave are the trespasses of Man, I fear

No, child. Don’t fear the dead,

But fear the living instead

But fear the living instead


Gone are the days of childlike innocence

What I will tell will haunt you decades hence

No, child. Don’t fear the dead,

But fear the living instead

But fear the living instead


Now, sleep will give no more rest

Enter the place where all the darkness nests

You have come with me deep inside the wound

From which oozes festering evil still

Boiling and bubbling living hell

O darling. No, child don’t fear the dead

But fear the living instead

But fear the living instead

But fear the living instead